Banks Group

The Banks Group develops, with care, land for a variety of uses including surface coal mining; property and renewable energy. It is a family owned, County Durham based, business employing around 360 people across the north of England and Scotland. The core values of our business are to undertake all our projects in a sensitive and careful manner. This is our corporate responsibility approach and it is at the heart of all we do. We call this approach development with care. This approach ensures that our developments have a positive long term effect on the environment and the local communities that host our developments. We also have a Community Fund to support local good causes. The Banks Community Fund was established in 1997 to provide support to community groups, voluntary organisations and environmental projects that are charitable, educational, philanthropic or benevolent in purpose and which are located within close proximity of a current or proposed Banks Group development and provide benefit to the local community. The fund comes from a variety of sources including Banks Renewables wind farms, Banks Mining surface coal mines, Banks Property developments, Banks landfill fund and others ensuring that local communities that host Banks operations share the benefits from our presence in the area. These funds are reviewed by a funding panel, including representatives of the local community.

EPC Project Management 2021