Bahrain Petroleum Company

Bapco (with a legacy of being referred to as �The Company� in Arabic - Ash Shariqa locally) is a trusted and enterprising organisation, which has never stood still since its inception. The first to discover oil in the Arabian peninsula in 1932, it started exporting crude in 1934, and installed the region�s first crude oil refinery in 1936. Since then the Company has helped shape the modern Kingdom of Bahrain, not simply through the generation of wealth, but through its committed development of the people of Bahrain. The Company is known as the incubator of much of the leadership talent in Bahrain developed over many decades. Bapco touches all aspects of life in the Kingdom. With a rich history of more than 85 years, the adventure continues with new ambitions and initiatives in the downstream sector as well as oil and gas field development. The most recent is the Company�s multi-billion dollar expansion project which will significantly increase the Refinery�s capacity and employ the latest refining technology to meet future customer demands, latest fuels specifications and environmental compliance. Bapco is engaged in the oil industry including refining and distribution of petroleum products, sales and exports of crude oil and refined products

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