BTS Biogas Srl

B.T.S. Biogas Srl/GmbH The right choice! B.T.S. Italia was founded in spring 2008 by engineers, biologists, chemists, agriculturalists and technicians who had devoted themselves to the biogas business for years. We deal with design, installation, construction and operation of biogas plants. Our numerous experience has contributed to the development of unique technologies in the biogas world � for example the BIOaccelerator or BIOdry � which can increase and optimize the productivity and profitability of our biogas power plants, innovative solutions that allow you to use less biomass, saving up more than 25% of substrates and improving the biological efficiency of more than 80%. In addition, we offer biological assistance and consulting, we utilize part of our resources to develop appropriate software to computerize the management of the plants and, finally, we have a laboratory, set up in Porto Mantovano (Italy), completely dedicated to biogas world: METANlab. METANlab laboratory is equipped with the most sophisticated equipment, that allows B.T.S. Italia to make all kinds of analysis and, thanks to highly qualified staff, to perform studies until today unthinkable. Just in 2008 we made 15 biogas power plants with an installed power of approximately 15 MW. These plants are under daily monitoring made by the technical B.T.S. team and by the B.T.S. workers dedicated to the biological assistance; thanks to their own knowledge and experience, their aim is to optimize seeding, harversting, ensilage, drawing and the biological management of the biogas plant. We are leaders in the fastest growing biogas market with 180 plants built all over Europe. Our strenghts: -Customer care; -High professionalism; -Know how; -High quality products used; -Latest technology; -Full development; -Constant search of innovations; -Biological and biochemical monitoring

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