BMH Technology Oy

BMH Technology is a Finnish cleantech company established in 1929. Our headquarters is based in Finland and we have subsidiaries in Sweden, Poland and China. Altogether, we employ almost 160 professionals. BMH specialises in handling and preparation of sustainable fuels and combats two global problems: the amount of waste dumped on land-fills and CO2 emissions caused by fossil fuels. We have gathered an extensive reference base on demanding solid biofuel handling systems around the world and are well known in power plants and the pulp and paper industry. Our waste refining solutions are equally impressive with industrial scale capacities, high availability and smart technology. The TYRANNOSAURUS� process from BMH turns MSW (Municipal solid Waste) and ICW (Industrial & Commercial waste) into SRF (Solid Recovered Fuel) or RDF (Refuse Derived Fuel). These local, affordable and environmentally friendly fuels can be used for replacing coal and other fossil fuels in power boilers and cement kilns. To complement our arsenal of sustainable energy production we provide Life Cycle Services for maximising process profitability and equipment life cycles. Inspections, maintenance works, site assembly, training, spare parts are modernisation of lines are all part of our palette.

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