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BAUER Resources GmbH

Whether it is about providing clean drinking water, preservation of the environment for future generations or the development of valuable natural resources � BAUER Resources GmbH is aligned to projects around the globe and offers innovative solutions for today�s and future topics. Under the umbrella of BAUER Resources GmbH the business divisions Bauer Umwelt and Bauer Water as well as Esau & Hueber, German Water and Energy Group (GWE) and Site Group, act as full service providers within the sectors water, environment and natural resources. Their competences are water treatment, automation, environmental remediation and waste management, drilling technologies as well as well drilling and constructed wetlands. Bauer Resources is regionally organized, and is oriented towards projects in the whole world. Being perfectly technically equipped the BAUER Resources GmbH has high qualified personnel at its disposal. It is able to call upon the extensive experience of its civil engineers, environmental engineers and technicians, geologists, geo-ecologists, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, chemists, process engineers, mineralogists, well-building experts and many more.

EPC Project Management 2021

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