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BAPCO Energy Services Group

BAPCO Energy Services Group is a practice specializing in the areas of contract/margin analysis and inventory management, focusing on the mid-stream acquisition, transportation and trading functions for crude oil gathering and resell businesses as well as refinery supply operations. Also, provide advisory services to senior management in areas of acquisition targeting, due diligence and development and implementation of strategic modeling and business line development tools. BAPCO�s management reporting solution package �BAPtrax� is based on an operations perspective proven methodology that segregates and identifies all the pertinent accretive/dilutive components of a transaction based supply chain. The overall concept provides the mechanism for detailed reporting of the cumulative costs and/or margins for each transaction. BAPtrax is specifically designed to fulfill the need of crude oil gathering, trading and refinery supply companies to provide accurate reporting to a broad range of users. The ultimate end product is a rules based financial projection modeling package that provides the capability to move away from what has become the norm of analytics built from the top down, trying to create operational based detail from financial reporting records. BAPCO consulting services and solutions package provide a broad scope of business perspectives, a strong capability in discovering and executing business strategies and a passion for solving challenging opportunities.

EPC Project Management 2021

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