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Axieo: the vital connection between global partners and local markets. You may already know that here at Axieo, we pride ourselves on delivering world class products and ingredients to our customers through exclusive relationships with our Principals around the world. But do you know what that looks like in practice? Have you ever stopped to wonder where the extra calcium in your milk comes from? What makes your drinkware unbreakable or puts the shine in your shampoo? In many cases, the answer is Axieo. The chances are that every day, without even realising it, you will see, touch or taste something we�ve helped create to enhance your life. Axieo Specialties enjoys exclusive partnerships with Principals and trading partners around the world. We combine their R&D with our application capability to provide innovative solutions for our customers through best in class food ingredients and raw materials for markets like pharmaceuticals, coatings, plastics, personal care and agriculture. Our team�s extensive product and technical knowledge, and commitment to working closely with customers and Principals to identify emerging needs and develop solutions, has established our reputation as vital link between global partners and local markets. Axieo Masterbatch is one of the Asia Pacific�s leading masterbatch producers, supplying colourants and functional additives to change the characteristics of plastics, ensuring everyday products are food safe, UV resistant or fire retardant. Axieo Masterbatch is a key input in a broad range of products from food packaging and plastic bottles to synthetic grass, stadium seating and water tanks, and even high performance pipes for the coal seam gas industry. In addition to manufacturing operations in Australia and New Zealand, we have a world class facility in Vietnam, and an emerging presence in Asia.

EPC Project Management 2021

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