Aveda Transportation and Energy Services

We plan ahead to get ahead. In this business, there�s more to moving than owning a truck. Your rig, assets and equipment are integral to your operation and livelihood�and given their numerous variables and challenges, it�s a smart move to entrust its transportation to a company that understands your needs inside and out. Our approach is simple, but rare. We pre-plan every step of the loading, unloading, hauling and rebuilding processes, so your move is always safe and efficient�with zero surprises. THE LARGEST RIG MOVING COMPANY IN NORTH AMERICA We may now be the largest�but no job is too small. In accordance to your needs, we move rigs and worksite equipment across the city or across the continent. And thanks to our top-of-the-line satellite communication, GPS tracking technology and commitment to transparency and communication, you�ll always know precisely where your materials are. Combined with our on-the-ground expertise and timely, accurate invoicing, you can rest assured that your equipment will arrive precisely as agreed, with optimized safety and minimized downtime.

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