Automator Marking Systems

Automator International is a global leading company in the industrial marking and traceabilty sector. Founded in 1940 by Maurice Barcilon, for over 78 years, has always been dedicated with passion and professionalism to industrial marking. In 1979 the leadership passed to his son, Jaime Barcilon, who confirms the company's mission: design, production and sale machines and systems for marking, engraving, stamping, identify, codify, trace and decorate any kind of product of any kind of surface. Marking is often a legal requirement but, perhaps even more often, it is a valuable gesture to identify, qualify, track, and promote a product. This activity becomes a strategic marketing action that enhances the product and / or shares the image and the name of the company: think about product's decorations or marking - permanently - the company logo on the products. Using the marking as a tool to increase the perceived value of the product, it becomes the basic quality and versatility of the marking. Also tracking the product is becoming more and more important and Automator is committed with marking and reading of the marking itself, including 2D data matrix, bar code, QR code, Han Xing code and Human character recognition. Automator group of companies now have branches in: - USA - Italy - China - Canada - Australia - Bulgaria - Colombia - Czech Republic - Slovakia - Slovenia - Spain - Switzerland - Russia - Ukraine Automator has also a wide range of selected and exclusive distributors covering 90 countries worldwide The marking technologies manufactured are: - impact presses - rolling machines - types and numbering heads - etching marking - dot peen marking - Yag laser - CO2 laser - YVO4 laser - Fiber laser - Scribe marking - Hot foil marking

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