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Arabian Ocean Drilling Supplies and Services Pvt. Ltd.

Arabian Ocean Drilling Supplies and Services Pvt. Ltd. is specialized in supplies of various requirements for Ships, Yachts, Dredgers, Land and Offshore rigs. AOS stock supplies of ship stores, drilling / oil field equipments, marine chemicals & lubricants, [Castrol Lubes], hardware, safety [ppe items], pipe and fittings, nuts and bolts, refrigeration, welding items, hoses, wire ropes and various consumables. Our geographical coverage is widespread. Our unique relationship and influence with manufacturers, coupled to the wide range of products we cover, enables us to offer superior packages of equipment to end users for specific high value. Arabian Ocean Services also links you to a network, staffed by experts who are trained to take full advantage of the state�of-art technology and provides you with an unparalleled access to source items from all parts of the world thus ensuring customers receive a complete solution to all their requirements.

EPC Project Management 2021

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