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Applus Norcontrol

Applus+ Norcontrol is a leading company providing comprehensive solutions for technical assistance, supervision, inspection, testing and consulting. We offer industrial and environmental inspection and technical assistance services for all kinds of industries. Norcontrol is one of the 6 Divisions of Applus Group. With over 30 years of experience that guarantee our results, we offer our clients our experience, knowledge and specialized resources to ensure the success of any of the stages of their projects. We have extensive experience in industrial inspection and technical assistance in the energy, oil and gas, construction and infrastructure sectors. We offer our services worldwide. Applus+ Norcontrol provides services across a wide range of countries and regions, including Spain, Portugal, Latin America, and Middle East with more than 60 offices and 11 laboratories worldwide. In Applus+ Norcontrol we are proud of always being close to our clients. Over 30 years of proven experience with organizations, from both public and private sectors, allow us to provide quick and flexible solutions for national and international markets. Our people are our greatest asset. The value we provide to our clients depends on the commitment and qualifications of our staff. The training and development of our teams are part of the company's strategic foundations. Customer focus, closeness and satisfaction are critical for a business that is based on a solid reputation, encouraging social responsibility and action.

EPC Project Management 2021

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