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Ameron International

A leader in pipe technology and a principal supplier of highly-engineered concrete and steel pipe systems in the western United States and Mexico. American Pipe & Construction International (APCI), a wholly-owned subsidiary in Bogota, Colombia, is a major supplier of concrete and steel pipe products in Central and South America. Ameron Saudi Arabia, Ltd. is a 30% owned affiliate that manufactures concrete pipe in Saudi Arabia and through a joint venture in Egypt. Designed to satisfy the widest range of performance requirements, Ameron�s concrete and steel pipe products provide long-term water and wastewater conveyance. Our projects include high-pressure and gravity water transmission and distribution lines, inverted aqueduct siphons, sewer force mains, power plant cooling water systems, sewer outfalls, storm drains, culverts, tunnel liners, and penstocks for hydroelectric generating plants. Ameron�s Water Transmission Group features three distinctive product lines. Heavy-wall, large-diameter steel pipe and concrete pressure pipe serve medium-pressure applications. Reinforced concrete pipe products address low-pressure and gravity-flow needs. Ameron also specializes in steel fabrication for the energy and transportation markets with products such as large-diameter wind towers and pilings. A state of the art manufacturing facility in Southern California allows us to supply high quality towers to the wind energy industry. Finally, Ameron manufactures and markets T-Lock� and Arrow-Lock, polyvinyl chloride sheet linings that have been protecting concrete pipe and cast-in-place concrete structures worldwide from the corrosive effects of sewer gases, acids and industrial chemicals for more than 60 years. Proven T-Lock� technology is also used in the T-Hab system for rehabilitating large-diameter sewers without excavating city streets. Arrow-Lock is used as a long-life alternative for the rehabilitation of wasterwater structures and manholes.

EPC Project Management 2021

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