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Ali & Sons Oilfield Supplies & Services Company. LLC. (ASOS)

Ali & Sons Oilfield Supplies & Services (ASOS) is the arm of Ali & Sons Group of Companies that serves the Oil & Gas, Power and Water sectors. A company that goes on to extend the corporate philosophy by offering the customers an excellent performance, innovative services and engineered products. ASOS was the first established Company within the AS Group of Companies and has established a solid reputation over the years as a leading supplier and services provider of a comprehensive range of equipment for Offshore, Onshore, Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Water & Power industry sectors. The activities of ASOS also include agency representation, distributorship, and sponsorship of foreign companies or joint venture arrangements. The company is run from a prime location inside the city of Abu Dhabi. Highly qualified expertise and engineers in different aspects of the industry manage its head office. It also operates from a 20,000 sqm facilities warehouse in the Industrial Area, fully equipped for Oil Field operations. This base lies in Mussafah industrial area allocated for the oil & gas industry services. Our experience with the local & international markets allows us to promote trade to the full satisfaction of our clients, offering them our reliable services, enhanced by continuous support from the overseas manufacturers and proven field performance throughout the region. From material supply to the Oil & Gas and Petrochemical industries to the major projects engineering, construction, consultancy and inspection, ASOS have actively promoted and advised its principals in securing and carrying out significant contracts. Techno-commercial support is secured through a professional team in the head office in Abu Dhabi and branch offices in Oman and in Indonesia. We pledge our continued and dedicated support to our partners to ensure their on-going success.

EPC Project Management 2021

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