Alcea S.p.A.

ALCEA is a leading company in coating sector dedicated to resale, industry, and industrial tinting, with its last generation tinting systems GEOCOLOR� and SMALTOSISTEM�. The company has an important family tradition, it has been founded by Giovanni Parodi in the year 1932, maintaining an Italian company style, led closely by Parodi family, who is controlling its entire share capital, with the collaboration of experienced staff identifying themselves with the corporate strategies. The company is close to service needs of its loyal customers, open to foreign markets and committed to a continuous development of new products and application technologies. It is one of few Italian high prestige companies for which its family-run business has been its base for growth. Now a day, after more than 80 years of activity characterized by a constant success, under management of Ing. Carlo Parodi, ALCEA growth is well represented by the plant of Senago, which for its architecture and highly automatized manufacturing facilities, realized with the highest attention towards environment, health and safety of workers, is considered one of the best European realities among factories studied for manufacturing coating products. In this context ALCEA has been able to acquire and develop additional products categories, strengthening and developing new products for wood sector and furniture market (ALCEA Wood), coil coating sector, and electrophoresis one. ALCEA did always work, continuing to maintain and develop resale building sector and construction industry, manufacturing products such as waterborne paints, primers, and enamels. Then, taking advantage of the development of tinting system, these products have been implemented with specialized products for construction industry (epoxies for coating of floors, paints for walls and floors of communities, fire-resistant paints, coatings for food containers, corrosion, structural building sector, etc. ..). Now a day ALCEA vision is reaching out to the development of new technologies, also in collaboration with research centres and Italian and European universities, and of new foreign markets. For promoting its products and assisting its customers, the company enjoys the cooperation of highly specialized and skilled personnel having a great experience, capable of ensuring a timely assistance and of facing and solving all problems related to coating. ALCEA guarantees: � products quality; � timely and fast deliveries; � area agent constant presence; � diffused net of qualified local distributors equipped for fast supply of small quantities according to our formulations; � constancy of supplied products according to proposed standards; � wide and quick technical assistance by internal and external personnel specialized in technical/applicative and regulatory issues. ALCEA has a turnover of EUR 40 million with a staff of 150 employees and is well positioned in the specific sector of coating products.

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