Alborz Turbine Power Plant Engineering and Support Company

Alborz Turbine Power Plant Engineering and Support Co. was founded in 2009 as a reliable service provider and aimed to becoming a pioneer in total solutions to power plants. Alborz Turbine, which is a subsidiary of MAPNA Group, a leading EPC group in Power Generation, Oil & Gas, and Rail Transportation industries, is in charge of equipment and plant services in MAPNA and is supported by experience, expertise and resources of other subsidiaries to ensure the quality and reliability of its services. Long Term Service Agreement (LTSA) is one of our main offerings. This service encompasses supplying of Spare Parts as well as Maintenance services for periods of 3 years and more. Refurbishment of parts and components and rehabilitation of Power Generation and Oil & Gas plants are among other high valued services of Alborz Turbine. Backed by engineering and manufacturing capabilities of MAPNA Group and a reliable local and global supply chain, Alborz Turbine provides spare parts and equipment in short lead times. Our services cover a wide range of stationary and rotary equipment, such as heavy duty gas and steam turbines, industrial turbines, centrifugal compressors; gas, steam thermal and hydro-electric generators; conventional and HRSG boilers, water treatment packages, control system and instruments. Currently, Alborz Turbine delivers its services in local and global markets in Europe, Asia, and Africa, including India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Iraq, Turkey and Algeria.

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