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AlSuwaiket Oil & Gas

AlSuwaiket�s oilfield services division is active, either through wholly owned subsidiaries or joint ventures, in the following domains: �Drilling of oil, gas and deep water wells (5 onshore rigs & 2 offshore rigs) � Cementing, pumping, coiled tubing, fracturing, casing running, and pipeline services �Well control services �Snubbing services �Oilfield tools, equipment and materials supply �Down hole tractors and casing protectors �Corrosion-preventative pipeline and asset coating technologies �Cathodic protection systems installation, material supply, and remote monitoring �Frac-water recycling, produced water treatment, and closed loop circulation �Re-injection and geo-sequestration of NORM �Specialized onshore and offshore accommodations and office unit leasing

EPC Project Management 2021

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