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Akenerji is the first power generation company founded as an auto-producer group in Turkey. One of the Turkish power sector�s biggest players, Akenerji is an integrated power company operating in wholesale energy trade in addition to power generation, with over 28 years of experience in the sector. The partnership between Akk�k and the Czech power company �EZ Group evolved into an equal-part strategic joint venture in Akenerji, with an agreement signed in October 2008. Since 2005, Akenerji has concentrated on generation investments based on renewable power resources, to attain resource diversity in generation. It reaches renewable power resource based generation capacity of 388 MW in total by means of hydroelectric plants and wind plants, entering operation gradually. The Erzin Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant -which started operations in 2014- alone has the capacity to meet 2.7 % of Turkey�s power need. Akenerji�s total installed capacity is now reached 1,224 MW. Wholesale Energy Trade While managing potential risks proactively, Akenerji develops its products with the aim of using its assets and opportunities in the most efficient way. Leading the change and development in the sector, Akenerji not only productizes its own generation capacity but also other producers� energy and injects liquidity into the retail market. Akenerji maintains its entire operations in this area in line with the principle of making the most of each unit of energy generated. Sustainability and Environment Friendly Generation Akenerji provides its customers, who wish to eradicate their carbon footprint arising from electricity consumption and other causes, the emission reduction certifications approved by international institutions, obtained via renewable power investments.

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