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Aervoe Industries, Inc.

Aervoe Industries, Inc. has been recognized as a leading manufacturer of paints, specialty coatings, cleaners, lubricants, and other products for industrial use for more than 40 years. Recent product expansion has led us to create four product categories, Industrial, Maintenance, and Construction Chemical Products; Safety, Traffic Control, and Outdoor Products; Portable Appliances and Accessories; and Solar Collection, Storage and Distribution Products. The Safety, Traffic Control and Outdoor Products category includes products for personal and industrial safety, as well as, outdoor recreation. The Portable Appliance category includes easily transportable appliances for outdoor recreation, catering, commercial restaurant use, and job-site cooking. Finally,, our newest category is Solar Collection Storage & Distribution products we have portable power solutions for most any job. We are a one-stop shop for many of our customers. Recent Company Timeline: In 2002 Aervoe acquired Crown Industrial and Zynolyte, and in 2008 merged Athena Brands, Inc. under the Aervoe corporate umbrella. All are located at the same facility in Gardnerville, Nevada. Aervoe has expanded from a chemical products base to include solutions for industrial safety, traffic control, emergency preparedness, outdoor recreation, and restaurant supply. One company with the power of multiple brands.

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