Advanced Inspection Technologies

Advanced Inspection Technologies (AIT) specializes in performing inspection of welds, vessels and forgings using automated ultrasonic phased array testing. Phased array technology, as utilized in the industrial sector, has been filtered down from the advances made in medical imaging. The probes, or transducers, are actually quite similar but medical imaging probes are designed specifically for use on soft tissue, where the probes for industrial applications are designed to penetrate steel. AIT specializes in performing advanced Nondestructive Testing (NDT) such as PA-AUT, PA-AUT/TOFD, AUT. AIT also performs conventional forms of NDT such as PA-MUT, MUT, CR, RT, PT, MT, hardness testing and PMI. AIT performs Engineering Services such as Welding Program Development, Weld Procedure Development and Qualification, Project Management, Project Surveillance, Manufacturing of Flawed Specimens and Expert Witness Testimony.

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