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Acute Technological Services

Based in Houston, Texas, Acute Technological Services (ATS) provides welding engineering and welding services worldwide. ATS has more than 20 years experience in providing engineered welding solutions. A leader in the welding industry, ATS is advancing the science of welding engineering and generating technical innovations through the application of new technologies. ATS's Products and Services include (but not limited to): Welding Engineering and Consulting Services (10 welding engineers on staff) Developmental Welding Services (Procedure Development and Qualification, Weldability Testing (RP2Z), Seeded Defect weld fabrication for AUT Inspection, Welding Metallurgy and Failure Analysis) Fabrication and Production Welding Services for Specialized and Critical Application Welding Services (Critical Components for Deepwater Production Applications, Multi-Jointing of Steel Catenary Risers (SCR), Flowlines and Land-based Pipelines, Assembly of Welding and Testing of Drilling Riser Components, Welding of Super Duplex, Nickel and other High Alloy Materials for Subsea Production and Control Systems, Automatic and Manual Welding Capabilities Overlay and Buttering (CRA and Ferritic), Automated CNC Tube Bending and Installation Services Welding of High Strength Coiled Pipe and Coiled Tubing ) Inspection Services (in-house NDT including digital x-ray capabilities, CWI monitoring/surveillance capabilities) Field Welding Services (we have the ability mobilize anywhere in the world)

EPC Project Management 2021

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