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Ace Designers Limited

Ace Designers, is the flagship company of the Ace Micromatic Group. The company was founded in 1979 as a design-consulting firm by three engineers from CMTI. Initially, the team developed product designs for various machine tools including special purpose machines. In 1982, Ace stepped into the world of manufacturing with a range of special purpose import substitution machines for the I. C. Engine valve Industry. Since then, Ace has grown to become India�s largest manufacturer of CNC turning centers with an install base exceeding 27,000 machines. With a strategic focus on developing high quality, cost effective products, Ace has developed a wide range of turning centers to meet the needs of various industry segments. With more than 1,500 unique customized installations in the field, Ace has built expertise in providing tooled up and automation solutions to meet specific requirements of its customers. In order to ensure quality standards of critical inputs are met, Ace has meticulously planned world class infrastructure including a large automated foundry, best in class machines for component and sheet metal manufacturing and state of the art painting facilities. Ace has focused on product excellence through quality driven manufacturing processes that include incoming quality inspection, in process quality assurance and rigorous final product testing. In order to ensure on time delivery of standard products, Ace has developed the flow line system of assembling machines on a conveyor line, similar to the automotive industry. Sales and service support in India is handled by Micromatic Machine Tools. With over 40 locations across the country, customers can be assured of timely response to their needs. Globally, they have established their presence through a dealer network in over 25 countries including Germany, France, Italy, UK, Middle East, China and Thailand.

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