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ATECO Tank Technology Engineering Services Co.

We would like to take the opportunity to introduce ATECO with your esteemed organization for business support. ATECO is specialized in the design. Manufacturing, supply and installation of products and systems used in the safe and effective transfer for storage of chemicals and hydrocarbons.The management of ATECO has an extensive track record in this industry, therefore excellently positioned in servicing your requirements in this area. ATECO offer a wide variety in products for the tank storage industry. Our main products include: Aluminium Geodesic Dome Roofs for Storage Tanks External Floating Roof Drain Systems, Floating Roof Drain Seals, both for Internal and External Floating Roofs Aluminium Internal Floating Roofs ( Non-Contact and Full-Contact Type ) Floating Suction Systems, Oil Skimmers, Swivel Joints, Loading Arms, Integral Foam Dam External Floating Roof Emission Control Devices Special Tank Products (Roof Positioner-Bazookas, Vent Products, Seal Spares, Hydrocarbon Sensing Valve) ATECO formed with the mission to support the design, manufacturing, supply, installation and maintenance of products and systems for industrial liquid transfer and storage. Particular emphasis was given to developing a product line for atmospheric storage tanks which includes amongst others aluminium Geodesic Domes, Internal Floating Roofs, tank seals, drain systems, Floating Suction Systems and Oil Skimmers. Apart from that a dedicated and specialist line of products for the safe and effective transfer and storage of chemicals and hydrocarbons was developed, covering engineering systems. We make designing, manufacturing and installation of these products all around the world. Kindly visit our website for more product details and data sheets.

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