ATA Renewables

ATA Renewables is a lean, independent renewable energy group with more than 38 GW of expertise in projects worldwide. We provide engineering, advisory and certification services for renewable energy, especially solar and wind. We are present in Spain, Mexico, Chile, South Africa and Australia; but we operate internationally. We work as independent guardians of our clients� best interests with a tailor made approach. We are leaders in technical due diligence (TDD) for M&A and non-recourse project finance. We�ve worked in more than 30 countries and we�ve also inspected more than 200 factories. Our clients include the top 300+ financial Institutions, developers, equipment manufacturers and equity investors. We also regularly work with multilaterals, utility companies and government lead institutions. Our advisory and engineering services cover the entire project lifecycle from development, construction and operation making sure we take in consideration our customers need and market guidelines. Our mission is to help our clients manage risks; ensure excellent performance and safety in their investments. We believe that collaboration is the key to success for the renewable energy industry. We pride ourselves on our flexibility, agility and customer care. You are welcome to call or visit us any time to discuss your needs and objectives.

EPC Project Management 2021