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ARA Petroleum Oman Block 44 Limited

ARA Petroleum Oman Block 44 is primarily a natural gas and condensate development in the Sultanate of Oman. Located in the North-Western part of the country, Block 44 is operated by us exclusively on behalf of the Omani government. ARA Block 44, wholly owned by ARA Petroleum LLC, commenced working on the block in January 2017. Our plan is to re-develop the hydrocarbon resources in the field by carrying out a series of work-over and drilling campaigns in 2017 and beyond. In addition to that, ARA has an ambitious exploration program to unlock the presence of hydrocarbons in prospective areas of the block. We understand the impact businesses have on their stakeholders, communities, and the environment. We are dedicated to training and developing Omani nationals in all aspects to support the In-Country-Value programme. Being in the upstream oil and gas sector, ARA is committed to the highest health, safety, and environmental industry standards. At ARA, we take responsibility for the future of our company and the environment we operate in, which is why we hire outstanding people, live by our deeply-rooted values, and ensure that everything we do is done with integrity.

EPC Project Management 2021

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