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Ankor Energy was created in the Spring 2008 to operate assets purchased by KNOC USA and Samsung Oil and Gas (SONG) from Taylor Energy, LLC effective January 1, 2008. Ankor Energy is owned 80%/20% by the two companies respectively. In 2010 KNOC USA changed its name to Ankor E & P Holdings, Inc (AEPH). The assets purchased from Taylor were all located in the Gulf of Mexico. Since the initial acquisition of those assets, AEPH and its Korean partners have purchased additional assets in the Gulf of Mexico and onshore Alabama. In early 2010, AEPH and SONG purchased an offshore development project from Newfield Exploration. Later that same year an onshore carbonate exploration project located in the State of Alabama was purchased from a small independent exploration company with other Korean partners. Late in 2011, AEPH and two Korean partners purchased a large set of Gulf of Mexico producing assets from Northstar Offshore Energy Partners and an exploration lease from Houston Energy.

EPC Project Management 2021

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