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AES Drilling Fluids Permian, LLC

AES Drilling Fluids, LLC �AES� has emerged as a major player in the drilling fluids sector by contributing to each operator�s successful drilling operations through unique and personalized customer service and operational excellence in all drilling environments. AES offers all the support and capabilities of a major service company, yet is operated as a personalized independent. AES is focused on getting away from the �pre- packaged fluid system� culture. Challenging projects require persistent monitoring and critical engineering support, AES provides innovative products and services to drill complex subsurface conditions including horizontal, directional, geologically deep and offshore drilling. Drilling fluids companies often offer �generic� solutions; AES prides itself in offering unique processes to optimize fluid design for specific applications. AES�s vision is to be recognized by our customers as the best drilling fluids company in North America and our goal is to provide our customers with the services they need quickly, efficiently and honestly. AES�s advantage is not limited to superior fluid systems, our team of experienced scientists, office and field engineers bring the expertise to each meter of every well to provide maximum drilling efficiency and environmental care. We pride ourselves in providing custom solutions to the challenges presented by operators and work hand in hand to insure our products and services meet their needs. AES is proud of its employees. Our growth and success have not been possible without the commitment and hard work of our people. Today many of our core operations are supported by personnel that have demonstrated their loyalty to our company over the years and have contributed their thoughts, ideas and enthusiasm. We believe this dedication to build a strong relationship is the source of our success and the foundation to our future.

EPC Project Management 2021

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