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AES - Angola Environmental Servi?s

Introduction Angola Environmental Servi�os (AES) is an Angolan company, with a proven track record servicing the Angolan O&G Industry since 2005. From its two waste management facilities situated inside Sonils Base (Luanda) and Kwanda Base (Soyo), AES provides environmental and integrated waste management services which includes Thermal Desorption, Incineration, Landfill Services, Tank Cleaning Services, Cargo Carrying Units (CCUs), Centrifugation, Recycling, etc. AES has more than 430 employees in total, with a strong Angolan footprint (above 95% of nationals). AES Objective �AES is a TOOL for the O&G Industry to comply with the Angolan environmental law and international best practices and thereby lowering its environmental liabilities. �Furthermore, AES is a TOOL for the Angolan authorities / stakeholders to apply / enforce the environmental regulations to protect the Angolan environment (sea / sea life / beaches / land / air). AES Vision To be the leading national company providing integrated waste management services with national coverage, to protect and preserve the environment, working with the major players in the Oil & Gas industry in Angola. AES Mission Our name says it all, declaring our purpose as a company and guiding our actions and decisions. �Angola: Operate and provide our services locally and close to our clients, with high local content and according to international best practices and standards. �Environmental: Promote environmental sustainability through world class technology to preserve present and future generations in Angola. �Servi�os: Provide 24/7 cradle to grave waste management services, onshore & offshore, to the Oil & Gas industry in Angola.

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