We are a Spanish research and development engineering firm, which aims to develop solutions that encourage the use of renewable energy in the world, providing innovative solutions to specific problems. We have developed and patented a wide range of products for renewable energy applications, both on-grid, and off-grid, which will contribute to the expansion of renewable energy into new market segments, with very competitive prices. The experience of twenty years in the world of solar and wind energy and the trust of our clients guarantee the exceptional quality of our innovative designs. Single-bladed wind turbines, solar trackers, portable power stations, solar rotating houses or energy roofs, are some of those products in which innovation is focused on solving specific problems of energy demand, on improving the performance of traditional equipment or on maximizing the generation from renewable energy, by integrating the use of different sources in the same physical space. Our strategy for new markets is based on finding local partners with similar objectives to ours, to bring together ADES products on the market and to do business together for the long term.

EPC Project Management 2021