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Our history begins in 1950, when 3V Group starts it activity under the name SIGMA, a chemical company based in Bergamo and focused on the manufacturing of chemicals for the textile industry. During the 1980s, 3V faced the exciting challenge of establishing a new production center in the United States and a commercial presence across all continents. The globalization of markets and subsequent economic changes now dictate the need for an international businesses to address local realities and challenges from a unified, strategic platform that offers local entities advanced technology and service with personalized attention. Today 3V Sigma is a leading global producer of specialty chemicals with approximately 500 employees and 4 manufacturing facilities located in United States (Georgetown, SC) and in northern Italy (Mozzo, Grassobbio, Porto Marghera). Our modern and fully equipped R&D department includes Synthesis and Technology facilities, Application testing centers and Analytical and Quality Control laboratories. Team work is our way of approaching tasks: our chemists, process engineers, mechanical engineers, operation personnel and managers are continuously in collaboration. In this way, we have been able to create a solid and multidisciplinary technical culture which enables us to provide our customers with innovative technical solutions and with high quality, and price competitive products. Our proprietary technologies and chemistries, customer support, consistent quality and continuous focus on innovation are what differentiates us from our competitors. Our Mission is to serve industries supplying high quality and highly innovative products and to serve our customers providing unique solutions and outstanding technical support.

EPC Project Management 2021

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