3D-GEO delivers high-tech, innovative solutions to the Oil and Gas, Minerals and Geothermal Industries; Utilizing proven seismic and structural interpretation skills gained through 150 years of petroleum experience, technical rigour and formal project management expertise. 3D-GEO offers geological and geophysical modelling of areas for fractured rock geothermal exploration, to assess the potential for heat storage and heat interchange for economic geothermal systems. 3D-GEO specialises in pre-drilling action plans and reserve modelling to maximise efficiency and better understanding in geothermal systems. Geology & Geophysics modelling � Full reservoir static modelling ready for simulation, multi-seismic attribute & inversion analysis, AVO/AVA prospectivity analysis, Fault sealing/leakage modelling, magnetic, gravity and potential field inversion, Satellite image processing and field work. Seismic/Structural interpretation in 2D/3D/4D and model development, interpretation and structural evolution. Merging of seismic, surface, well & core data. Data Collection Regional Exploration Structure-Seismic Prospects Definition Resource Evolution Geophysics Seismic Processing � Prestack Depth Migrated (PSDM) seismic solutions. Full support from shot gathers to pre &post-stack time and depth migration. Prospect validation Salt, fault, fold, fracture, & compartmentalisation analysis Prospect inventory management - Block evaluations, QC of operator interpretations and peer reviews Basin analysis and maturity modelling with true 4D palaeogeometries, migration pathways, and detailed geochemistry Training - National & private oil companies in prospect and regional exploration of basins & fold belts

EPC Project Management 2021