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The Global Consumer & Retail Supply Chain Management Conference 20 -21st May 2021 Amsterdam  

A simplified explanation of Logistics and Supply Chain sustainability revolves around an organization’s Supply Chain’s efforts in the area of environment, waste and risk assessment and improvement.

The Retail and Consumer sector stretches from global consumer companies to your local store and high street outlets, and it has been growing fast, especially with the advent of e-commerce. Buying patterns are continually changing and the multi-channel environment defines the way business is done today!


Global Consumer & Retail Supply Chain Management Conference organized by Primo Eventi  is a combination of dynamic thought leaders lead topic areas and masters class discussions. Interactive discussions will allow you to hear and learn best in class applications relating to optimizing your supply chain, drive down costs and reduce time-to-market.

We will explore cutting edge technologies and innovative tools with the potential to help supply chain managers improve business process efficiency, better predict and satisfy customer demands, reduce costs and increase profit.

Reasons To Attend

Inspirational - The Conference combines real-world supply chain experience with a memorable stage presence. The perfect combination of practical learning experiences topics, networking and panel discussions, delivered with impeccable execution.

Informative - The most important topics impacting the future of global supply chains, backed up by diligent practices and analysis.

The Summit is aimed at both suppliers and buyers who need an overview of the key drivers involved when viewing supply chains from a logistics/demand point of view:

  • Appreciate changes to business processes that are taking place

  • Understanding of the impact of enhanced logistics and supply chain performance on the overall profitability of the organization

  • Ability to address the management of supply chain risks

  • Determine how time builds up in supply chains and that time is cash

  • Recognition of the value of working across functions

  • Be able to understand, recall and apply improvements after the summit for work based application

  • An Action plan to enable improved logistics and supply chain performance

  • Apply best in class practices

  • Learn from other delegates’ experiences and practices

Themes and Topics

  • Key Techniques To Control Lead Time In The Movement Of Goods And Materials To Customers And Users

  • Understanding The Demand In Your Supply Chain

  • Planning And Controlling Finished Goods In The Supply Chain

  • Insights Into Developing Logistics And Supply Chain To Achieve Competitive Advantage

  • Approaches And Frameworks That Can Be Applied To Different Market Segments

  • «Clusterization» - Designing A Sourcing Strategy By Creating Value With E2E View

  • Reviews Of The Latest Thinking On Supply Chain Strategy, Planning And Execution

  • Optimising The Supply Chain

  • Transaction To Collaborative – Better Together Through The End To End Supply Chain

  • Procurement Indirect Capex In Supply Chain

  • How To Ensure A Sustainable Transformation Journey From S&OP To Digitized IBP?

  • Improving IBP Decision Making

  • How to Leverage Data and Analytics to Improve Supply Chain Decision Making

  • Find The Right Cost And Service Balance

Who should attend

Attendees will consist of Senior Supply Chain Managers and Executives, Junior Supply Chain Executives, Marketing, customer service and manufacturing managers, industry leaders from the following job functions:

  • Technology, Innovation

  • Lean, Business Improvement, Continuous Improvement, Transformation

  • Enterprise Strategy, Integrated Planning, Integrated Business Planning, Competitive Insights

  • Industry Capability Development, Supply Chain Development, Business Development, Marketing

  • Human Resources and Workforce Development

  • Demand Planning, Demand Forecasting, Customer Demand

  • Operations, Manufacturing, Production, Procurement, Purchasing, Materials Planners

  • Supply Chain, Supply Manager, Supply Planner, Supply Chain Transformation

  • Logistics, Fulfilment

  • Warehouse, Distribution Centers, Inventory Controllers

  • Distribution, Transport

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